Conquering Pantry Pests: Tips And Techniques For A Bug-Free Kitchen In Sacramento


September 30, 2023 - Pantry Pests

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sawtooth grain beetle on bread

Pantry pests are types of insects that commonly invade types of dried foods that people store in cupboards and pantries. These foods might include pasta, flour, cake mix, crackers, nuts, and raisins. Any contaminated food products infested by pantry pests should be promptly disposed of, as consumption of these foods may result in illness.

Are you wondering how to get rid of pantry pests? Those facing an existing infestation by pantry pests should consult a pest management professional for assistance. The pros are properly trained and well-equipped to remove these unwanted pests and will advise you on the best ways of preventing future problems associated with these kinds of critters.

Types of Pantry Pests: A Comprehensive Overview

What are some of the most common pantry pests that homeowners in the Sacramento region will find in their homes? Among the most prevalent types include drugstore beetles, confused flour beetles, sawtooth grain beetles, rice weevils, and Indian meal moths.

Most of these creatures begin as eggs and progress through phases as larvae and pupae before becoming adults. This process of development often occurs entirely within containers containing packaged foods.

Pantry Pest Damage: How They Ruin Stored Food

Food products inside weak packaging materials are most susceptible to these pests, such as those made of cellophane, plastic, or thin cardboard. Most types of pantry pests will chew through the packaging material or enter through openings that result from damage that occurs in the production or shipping processes.

What are some of the primary problems that kitchen pantry pests cause? In most instances, pantry pests place eggs inside boxes, bags, or other packages of food, which soon hatch and begin feeding on the contents during their larval stage of development. Many homeowners will notice that these pests will often spread into other stored food within the same pantry or cupboard.

Sealing The Deal: How To Properly Store Food To Deter Pantry Pests

What can I use to prevent pantry pests from infiltrating my stored foods? Some of the best preventative measures to consider include:

  • Before storing them, transfer the food into durable plastic, glass, or metal containers.

  • Remember to closely inspect the packaging of foods for any signs of damage before purchasing them from stores.

  • Consider buying these foods in smaller quantities that you plan to consume within a couple of months.

  • Keep in mind that these pests might also target pet food or birdseed.

These prevention strategies are generally viable options; however, Sacramento homeowners with an active infestation should promptly speak to a pest control expert.

Pantry Pest Control: When To Call In The Professionals For Help

Have you unsuccessfully tried pantry pest control products? You are not alone. Many property owners who purchase these do-it-yourself home treatment options sold in local retail stores experience similar results. The best option involves speaking with a local pest control company that understands how to treat pantry pests and pantry pest larvae quickly and safely.

Since 1997, our team of local professionals with Explorer Pest Management has delivered results for home and business owners in the Sacramento region facing intrusions involving types of pantry pests. After receiving an inquiry from a prospective customer experiencing a pest-related problem, we will promptly have a qualified technician visit the property to conduct a thorough assessment. Our specialist will gain an understanding of the nature and extent of the infestation and explain the best option for treatment.

Sacramento homeowners should also keep in mind that we are a family-owned organization that will employ eco-friendly solutions when possible. When dealing with pantry pests, we recognize the importance of ensuring the safety of our customers, their pets, and the environment.

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