How To Prevent Wasps Around Your Sacramento Home This Summer


May 10, 2023 - Stinging Insects

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Wasps are most active during the summer months. These scary bugs thrive in hot temperatures and will use this time to hunt other bugs that are also active during this time. While the wasps in this area can help to reduce the insect population around your home, they can also make it extremely difficult to safely spend time in your yard. 

At Explorer Pest Management, we know that prevention is key to achieving total wasp control. Our Sacramento pest control specialists have spent years studying the habits and behaviors of wasps and know the best way to keep them out of your yard.

Why Now Is The Time To Start Thinking About Wasp Prevention

During the winter, wasps will find a nice and safe place to hide and wait out the cold temperatures. While they are usually most active from June through August, they will spend the springtime looking for a safe place to nest. 

Once winter is officially over and the temperatures stay consistently warm, you should start to deploy your wasp prevention plan. The main goal during this time is to make it as difficult as possible for wasps to build a nest on your property. Many times, wasps will actually use old, vacant wasps nests to live in during the summer. You should have all of the old nests around the property removed as soon as possible. It is important that you don't remove the nest yourself. Even if it looks empty, there could be a wasp living inside.

Five Tips To Minimize Your Risk For Wasp Activity Around Your Home

Wasps in Sacramento are attracted to homes that have plenty of food and water. They are omnivores that like to eat insects as well as nectar and fruit juices. There are a few things that you can do to help ensure that wasps don't pick your home when finding a nesting place, which include:

  1. Remove hummingbird feeders from your yard.

  2. Don't wear sweet-smelling lotions and shampoos when outdoors.

  3. When eating outdoors, keep your food and drink covered.

  4. Don't leave your pet's food and water dishes outside.

  5. Remove all unused lawn equipment and lawn furniture from your yard.

Wasps will build a nest anywhere that they think is safe. Usually, this is in an elevated area outdoors. However, if you have vents or other openings in your home, they may try to build their nest in those hard-to-reach areas. To keep the wasps out of your home, use mesh screens or caulking to block off any potential entrances. 

Why You Shouldn't Try To Fight An Active Wasp Infestation On Your Own

Wasps like to be left alone. However, they can be aggressive if they feel you are a threat to their nest. The social species usually tend to be more aggressive when their nest is bothered. 

When a wasp stings you, it will inject a bit of venom into your body. Usually, the venom causes swelling, redness, and pain. However, if you are allergic to the venom, or if you are stung by several wasps at one time, you could have adverse reactions to the stings. 

Call Explorer Pest Management For Wasp Control In Sacramento

Wasps can be dangerous if you disturb them. If you see a wasp nest on your property, or you want to make sure that you don't see any nests in the future, you should give us a call. At Explorer Pest Management, we can take the hassle out of home pest control in Sacramento. We will safely remove the wasp nests from your property and come up with a plan to keep them from coming back. best pest control in folsom logo