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Spider Control In Sacramento, CA

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Sacramento Spider Control From The Pros

While it's common to fear spiders, most are helpful to residents by eradicating other pest infestations. Unfortunately, some species are dangerous, carrying potent venom that can require medical attention. It's hard to tell which spiders are in your home without getting a close look, but that can be dangerous. Spider control professionals can determine which spiders are hiding in your house and use the most effective techniques to get them out.

At Explorer Pest Management, we train our technicians to identify and handle any spiders in your Sacramento home. Our team members are licensed and experienced in dealing with dangerous spiders, ensuring they'll safely eliminate your infestation. We provide a 30-day warranty on one-time spider removal and guarantee our recurring spider control services.

We have experts standing by to answer any questions about common house spiders. Call us today to discover how we can help with your spider infestation.

Our Spider Control Strategy

Spider webs on a curtain and windowsill

Spiders might look harmful, but many can benefit your Sacramento home. After entering your residence, they spin webs in dark corners and wait for their prey to arrive. Since they eat various insects, they can help limit the number of pests in your house. Their assistance in eliminating other creatures also reduces the damage and health risks caused by various insects.

Unfortunately, some spiders can be dangerous to people. For example, black widow spiders have potent venom that can cause medical issues after bites, including pain, increased blood pressure, sweating, fever, and nausea. Most of these arachnids are small, so you'll have to get up close to determine the species. However, getting close can be risky if you're dealing with dangerous spiders, so you should call professional spider control for help.

At Explorer Pest Management, our pest control technicians can tell which species of spiders have taken up residence in your home. Our process begins with a free consultation so you can explain your issue, and we'll provide a free estimate before starting our service. While not required, we can inspect your home during our initial visit to find all spiders. If we discover signs in your house, we'll spray various areas, including:

  • Closets
  • Basements
  • Attics
  • Baseboards
  • Eaves

We spray anywhere in your home that spiders might spin webs, but our service goes further than that. In addition to eliminating current infestations, we want to keep you safe by preventing future home invasions. To achieve this goal, we'll spray for the various pests that serve as food for spiders and remove any spider webs that attract them. Since many insects attract spiders to your home, eliminating these infestations is the best way to keep spiders out of your house.

We take a customized, Integrated Pest Management approach to removing spiders from your home, resulting in the best and safest solution for your family. We believe in the success of our remedies and back up our services with a 30-day warranty on one-time treatments. Our bimonthly recurring services provide continual protection for your home and are completely guaranteed, ensuring we'll return between visits if the spiders do.

Each of our technicians is licensed, ensuring they have the knowledge and education to handle infestations in your home. In addition to free estimates, we'll never ask you to sign a contract. As a result, you can use our services as needed, so you only pay when you need our expert assistance.

Spiders in your Sacramento home can be a scary sight. While most are safe and even beneficial to have around, some can cause health concerns for you and your family. Our home pest control technicians at Explorer Pest Management are standing by to attend to your pest needs. We have the knowledge and tools to get rid of spiders and other creatures causing havoc in your home. Call us today if you have spiders in your Sacramento house.

Get Spiders Out Of Your Home With Professional Spider Control

Various spiders can invade your Sacramento home, and some can cause serious health concerns. It can be difficult for most people to tell which spiders are hiding in the corners of their houses, so you should avoid getting near these potentially dangerous arachnids.

The experts at Explorer Pest Management are the best way to keep spiders away from your home. Our technicians have experience dealing with various spiders around the Sacramento area and are here to help you. We use the best techniques and products to eliminate infestations and will handle other pest problems we see in your house. Because of the success of our customized home defense for spiders, we guarantee our services and will return if spiders get back into your house.

Don't let spiders cause you to fear rooms in your home. Call us today to learn more about our Sacramento pest control services.

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