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Drain fly crawling in a basement

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What You Need To Know About Pests In Sacramento, CA

Sacramento is home to thousands of pests and hundreds of unique species. So which one has decided to settle down near your local home or business?

Our pest library was designed to help you quickly determine the types of pests invading your property. Feel free to browse our comprehensive list, then look for possible behaviors, traits, or habitats that match your observations. 

If you have trouble identifying the pest you're experiencing or want help getting them out, get in touch with the professionals at Explorer Pest Management to schedule a full inspection.

Carpenter ants


Close up of a bed bug

Bed Bugs

Cockroach crawling on a tree


A flea up close


close up of a fruit fly on a piece of fruit


Close up of a confused flour beetle on grain

Pantry Pests

Big pigeon up close


House mouse in an attic


Black widow spider on a her web


Yellow jacket wasp close up

Stinging Pests

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