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Guaranteed Residential Pest Control For Everyone

Pests are an unavoidable part of life here in Sacramento. However, owning a house doesn't mean you're doomed to expensive pest control contracts or impersonalized customer services.

What if you could protect your home without the use of questionable products? Better yet, what if you could guarantee your services without costly contracts or expensive estimates?

Thousands of Sacramento property owners rely on Explorer Pest Management to do all this and more. Offering residential pest control since 1997, we've proven ourselves against the test of time with outstanding services catered to individuals. We don't use contracts to lock you in a plan, and our ongoing pest control services are completely guaranteed. With customized treatments provided on a regular basis, you know you're getting a level of service unmatched by traditional franchises.

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What To Expect From Our Residential Pest Control Service

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Explorer Pest Management makes it easy to get the services you need for your home. Our Sacramento residential pest control services always begin with a personalized interaction with an actual member of our team. We offer free estimates over the phone and same-day services when possible, protecting your family from the threat of infestations without forcing you to wait a moment longer.

Once we inspect your property for pests, we can begin applying treatments almost immediately. Since we're big fans of Integrated Pest Management, we choose to work with Mother Nature to create sustainable solutions. We ensure your household gets the best possible treatments without risking the wellness of the natural environment, combining a mixture of low-odor and green products with select baits to ensure your protection year-round.

Residential treatment services from Explorer Pest Management are usually bi-monthly, depending on the pest in question. We strive to visit your home per your regular schedule to keep tabs on your property and its treatment process. If at any time you feel something's missing or notice pest activity around the yard, just give us a call immediately to inform us of the situation. We would be happy to come back to your property and treat again at no extra cost.

All treatment plans are completely customizable to the needs of the customer. However, we do our best to apply hands-on experience to ensure great outcomes for your home. We may treat your house with a power sprayer to prevent new pests from getting inside. We may also spray select areas inside the home if the situation is severe enough. Again, all applications are made through an Integrated Pest Management lens to ensure your total peace of mind.

If you have additional questions about this residential pest control process, don't hesitate to contact Explorer Pest Management today. We'll explain our solutions in greater detail and book a time to visit your home.

Our Residential Pest Control Process

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We survey your home for pest activity to determine the best possible treatment method. We also check for environmental factors that may be drawing pests closer to your yard. Depending on the pest infestation in question, we may need to inspect specific areas inside your home. Our technicians will tell you everything you need to know before getting started; we're happy to answer any questions at any time.

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The treatment process you receive depends on individual needs. For example, we may use a power sprayer to create a barrier around your home. Some infestations may need interior treatments, low-odor products, or green solutions. We'll discuss each approach in-depth before getting started so you know what we're doing every step of the way. Our goal is to make residential pest control as quick, easy, and pain-free as possible.

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Explorer Pest Management never leaves a job unfinished. Our technicians will visit your property on a regular basis per your custom program to ensure your lasting protection and re-apply products as necessary. If additional issues arise at any time between these visits, we'll address them right away at no extra charge. You never have to worry about pests reemerging without a failsafe in place, which is why our customers trust us to get the job done right!

One-Time Residential Pest Control Services For Homeowners in Sacramento

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While a general pest control plan works for most Sacramento homeowners, you may prefer to only use our services when your household is under siege. 

That’s why the team behind Explorer Pest Management offers One-Time services as well as customized plans for even the more serious pests. Whether you want peace of mind with extra protection or need to clear up an existing infestation, we can help you find the solutions you need with fast and personalized services. 

These are some of the pest control services we offer to Sacramento homeowners:

You can give us a call today to learn more about these additional programs.

The Personalized Way To Protect Your Home From Pests

If there's one thing we pride ourselves on at Explorer Pest Management, it's the ability to serve customers with 100% customized treatments. We never rely on cookie-cutter programs to remove embedded pests, and we won't lock you into treatment contracts that drain your time and money. We've designed our business from the bottom up to put people first, one of the many reasons we lead the pack for pest control services in Sacramento.

Protect your home and family with ongoing services guaranteed to make a difference. Just reach out to the experts at Explorer Pest Management to get started on a free estimate.

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