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Commercial Pest Control In Sacramento, CA

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Comprehensive Commercial Pest Management For Northern California

A safe and pest-free property is critical for Sacramento businesses – including the customers, employees, and stakeholders who visit them every day. Even a single unwanted pest could wreak havoc on all parties and dramatically reduce the trust instilled in your local company.

You need commercial pest control services designed to meet everyone's needs. Thankfully, the services offered by Explorer Pest Management are just that. Family-owned and locally operated since 1997, our goal is to remove existing infestations while defending against any future activity. Offering high-quality, low-impact, and sustainable programs for multiple industries, we are Sacramento's most committed provider of commercial pest management services.

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What To Expect From Our Commercial Pest Control Service

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Explorer Pest Management offers commercial pest control services to dozens of industries in Sacramento. We believe no two facilities are ever alike and create customized treatment programs for each property we visit. Our goal is twofold: to remove existing pest populations already in the area and prevent future infestations from establishing a hold on your property.

Our commercial pest control treatment process depends on individual needs. We pride ourselves on a personalized touch, meaning we customize our approach to your environment and offer same-day services whenever possible. Our certified technicians combine hands-on knowledge with science-backed products to address any industry regulations that undergird your operations.

You can expect each of our service options to provide inspections, treatments, and follow-up visits. We go the extra mile for commercial businesses with the addition of glue board traps. These allow us to check for more subtle issues that may not be readily observable and provide more value to your business without bogging down your budget.

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Facilities We Service

Nature trail in a state park

Department Of Parks & Recreation

Even national parks and public recreational areas can struggle with pest infestations. Thankfully, the knowledgeable professionals at Explorer Pest Management can treat local parks and other public recreational spaces with 25+ years of experience. We use Integrated Pest Management methodology to reduce our impact on the planet while pursuing positive outcomes for the facilities we serve.

chef drizzling oil at a restuarant


Food-based industries are especially susceptible to pest infestations. Many insects in California turn to restaurants as a main source of sustenance, which can lead to serious problems for businesses and their customers. To safeguard against pests without risking your health and safety, Explorer Pest Management can create a customized program for your needs.

Women buying dresses in a department store

Shopping Centers

Shopping centers are prime targets for pests in Sacramento, as they contain the necessary elements required to keep an infestation alive. Thankfully, the team behind Explorer Pest Management can dramatically reduce your risks of pests. We take time to inspect multiple areas within your facility and treat them with products within your industry guidelines.

Cars parked in a parking lot

Parking Lots

Some infestations can spread beyond the walls of a facility and into surrounding parking lots. Insects like ants may become a serious issue that affects the customer's quality of life, while larger pests like rats could potentially cause damage to vehicles. Our team offers perimeter treatments that target problem pests and protect both your reputation and your customers' peace of mind.

employees in an office having a meeting at their desks

Office Buildings

Employees will find it difficult to work when pests appear inside their cubicles. The pros at Explorer Pest Management can prevent this from happening with highly personalized treatment programs. Since we remove invading pests and prevent future infestations, we make it easy to focus on daily tasks and maintain your business's productivity.

Banks sign on glass wall of business


Customers aren't likely to trust their money to a bank with a serious pest problem. Thankfully, partnering with the pros at Explorer Pest Management can stave off infestations before they occur. Our team takes extra precautions to ensure your regulatory standards are met while keeping pests away from the inside and outside of your building.

Elderly sitting around in chairs talking in a nursing home

Nursing Homes

Some of Sacramento's most vulnerable citizens live inside a nursing home. A pest infestation could wreak havoc on their peace of mind and quality of life. Explorer Pest Management can treat all areas of your property and provide special attention to community rooms and clinical areas.

many children at daycare


Daycare facilities are ultra-sensitive environments that must always remain pest-free. The team at Explorer Pest Management can offer low-impact treatments that encourage great results without the use of traditional products. We offer low-odor and green pest control treatments to protect our littlest citizens, giving parents and caretakers the peace of mind they deserve.

couple checking into a hotel


Hotel guests expect a safe environment in exchange for the price they pay, which means your facility needs constant protection against bed bugs and other pests. The Explorer Pest Management team offers airtight plans that target existing infestations while preventing future ones from ever taking root. You can go back to focusing on great hospitality; our team will take care of the rest.

a woman praying in church


All places of worship deserve distraction-free gathering spaces without the presence of pests. Explorer Pest Management can offer short-term or long-term solutions depending on your specific treatment requirements. Since we offer low-odor and green pest control treatments, you can ensure the protection of sensitive or more vulnerable members of your congregation.

girl getting her teeth cleaned

Dental Offices

Dental offices can't afford to wait for pest infestations to resolve on their own. Explorer Pest Management can offer same-day services and fast-acting treatment protocols to restore your dental practice to its pest-free state. Since we hand-pick our products to ensure your satisfaction, you can rest easy knowing we have you covered.

receptionist at the doctors office checking in a patient

Small Medical Offices

Staff and patient safety are of the utmost importance in a serious medical environment. Thankfully, the team at Explorer Pest Management offers low-odor solutions that prevent the spread of pests. We strive to create a safe sanctuary for your patients without compromising on your industry guidelines and keep pests away from clinical areas, patient rooms, bathrooms, and more.

Reasons To Choose Commercial Pest Control Services From Explorer Pest Management

Explorer Pest Management remains an industry leader for commercial pest control services in Sacramento:

  • Our services are always 100% customized to the needs of your business.
  • We offer an Integrated Pest Management methodology to protect your property while respecting the surrounding environment.
  • Same-day services are available whenever possible.
  • We offer free estimates to help you make informed decisions for your company.
  • We pride ourselves on staying active in the local community and sponsoring local events.
  • We proudly offer green and low-odor pest control solutions.
  • Our company was rated one of the best pest control companies in Folsom.
  • All our technicians are licensed professionals with product-specific certifications.
  • We never expect you to pay for a contract to receive guaranteed services.
  • All interactions are personalized and never run through confusing contact centers.
  • We offer peace of mind as a bonded and insured pest control company.
  • Our brand is proudly associated with the Sacramento Better Business Bureau.

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Making A Better Future For Our Communities & Customers

Explorer Pest Management is more than your average pest control business; we're a locally owned and family-operated team dedicated solely to your needs. If you need pests removed from your commercial property in any capacity, we'll be the team to call. More than 350 businesses rely on our skills – and it would be an honor to serve your facility as well.

You can get started on commercial treatments or learn more about our home pest control offerings for your property by contacting Explorer Pest Management today.

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