Tips And Tricks To Keep The Fleas In Sacramento At Bay


February 05, 2023 - Fleas

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flea on dog hair

To say it's challenging to stay away from fleas is an understatement. They're often right outside your door or in the yard. The chances of an infestation are greater if you have pets or farm animals. Going to a park, on a hiking trail, or similar can put you in their sights. If they bite you, ugly and itchy bumps will form on your skin. What's worse is that you could contract a whole host of flea diseases. Getting expert pest control in Sacramento is how you can beat these bugs.

Many people think they can manage fleas with various control products, but they would be wrong. Store-bought products often fall short of expectations and can be risky to use. Find out the best ways to get rid of fleas and how Explorer Pest Management can help.

The Life Cycle Of The Common Flea

A flea's life cycle can be relatively short or go on for months or years, it depends on their environmental settings. If the humidity and temperature levels are ideal, their eggs will hatch within ten days. Over the next month or so, the eggs turn into larvae and form a protective cocoon for their pupal stage. The shell is strong enough to shield them from insecticides and repellents. Once they detect the body heat of a human or animal host, they'll emerge as adults. Then, they'll mate. Adult fleas are 1/12 to 1/6 of an inch long. Their wingless and compact bodies are brown with reddish tones. The surface of their skin has a noticeable shine to it. 

Fleas in Sacramento are prevalent in shaded grassy, sandy, or woody locations. They also favor damp areas, like swamps and ditches. In a residential zone, these insects will gather by porches, plants, and organic debris. Springing off their hind legs, they can jump onto your clothes or an animal's coat. Their objective is to bite and drink blood. 

Central flea infestation signs include: 

  • Pets scratching themselves more than normal

  • Repeatedly seeing welts on your skin 

  • Finding flea feces in carpeting or your pet's materials 

  • Discovering flea eggs around domestic animals, furniture, foundation gaps, or rugs

Don't pass off these indications; they're a clue to a big problem. 

Are Fleas Harmful To Humans?

Many people have experienced skin inflammation or an allergic reaction after fleas nibbled on them. However, developing typhus, tapeworms, or a parasitic, bacterial illness is possible. You could become anemic if there is a moderate to a high amount of these bugs in your home due to losing blood on a consistent basis. It may not seem like a huge deal to scratch your flea bites, but you could potentially break your skin. Entering germs can lead to secondary bacterial infections.

Five Ways To Keep The Fleas Away 

Fleas are widespread, but you can still avoid them with these actions: 

  1. Discard yard debris and replace property perimeter soil with gravel. In addition, keep your grass and greenery short. 

  2. Have a routine schedule for inspecting and grooming your pet's fur. Discuss flea management with a veterinarian. 

  3. Never buy secondhand items without looking them over first. 

  4. Regularly vacuum and wash rugs. 

  5. Contact Explorer Pest Management to address pests that fleas could use as hosts, like rodents.

Don't purchase DIY flea sprays; these items are too pricey for their short-term results. On top of that, they can have abrasive products. 

Flea Control In Sacramento Made Easy

At Explorer Pest Management, we offer affordable home pest control plans that are safe and immensely effective. Our pest control technicians will apply products to eliminate the insects and make recommendations for future deterrence. Call us today for a free inspection! best pest control in folsom logo