Rodent Control 101: Essential Tips For Keeping Your Sacramento Home Safe


November 09, 2023 - Rodents

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There are few things that are more dangerous than having a rodent infestation inside of your home. All of the home-invading rodents in this area are known for their extreme destructiveness.  They are capable of causing damage to your home and personal belongings and can even cause damage to the electrical wires and components in your house. 

If you see mice or rats in your home, the professional rodent exterminators at Explorer Pest Management know just what to do. We have the best tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that your Sacramento home is safe and rodent-free.           

Signs Of Rodent Activity: How To Detect A Problem Early

Mice and rats are the most common type of home-invading rodents that Sacramento residents are likely to find around their property. These small creatures have athletic and agile bodies that allow them to jump, climb, and run across almost any surface. Both of these rodents don't have the best eyesight, and people commonly find them running alongside walls or other sturdy surfaces. They are also very quick and are able to get out of sight in a hurry. 

When our rodent exterminators inspect a home, they usually don't see rodents right away. Instead, they look for the following clues:

  •  A strong, musty odor that smells like ammonia

  • Small footprints or tracks in your home

  • Dark smudge marks on the wall

  • Gnaw marks on walls and furniture

  • Holes chewed in walls, furniture, clothing, and other objects

  • Holes and nibble marks in food and food packages

Rodents will chew on just about anything they can get their teeth on. If you are seeing several holes throughout your house, it is time to call a local rodent control specialist to check for an infestation. 

The Rodent Menace: Understanding The Threat Of Uninvited Guests

A rodent infestation can be dangerous for a number of reasons. For starters, they are known to carry a wide range of diseases, which could lead to leptospirosis, salmonellosis, hantavirus, and rat-bite fever. You don't have to come into direct contact with rodents in order to contract any of these illnesses. Instead, the rodents will usually contaminate your home and food by leaving their urine and feces around. 

These sneaky creatures are also capable of causing dangerous destruction. They are known to nest behind walls, where they will chew on the insulation and electrical wires in your home. If they damage the wires too badly, it could lead to a short or even cause a fire. 

Professional rodent control is the best way to keep you and your family safe from these dangerous animals. An expert will be able to determine the severity of the infestation and give you tips on how to stay safe. 

Rodent-Proof Your Home: Essential Steps To Keep Unwanted Guests Away

Rodents are likely to come inside your home when the food, water, and shelter options become scarce outdoors. This is usually when the weather starts to get cold, but rodents are capable of invading your house any time of the year.

In order to keep them out, our rodent extermination team recommends sealing up any entrances around your home, keeping all food in a metal or glass container with a lockable lid, and removing clutter from your home and yard. Our team can help you with rodent-proofing ideas and more.

Professional Pest Control: The Most Effective Rodent Control Solution

It is almost impossible to get rid of rodent infestation without a professional rodent control specialist. At Explorer Pest Management, our advanced tools and techniques can eliminate the pesky rodents from your Sacramento home once and for all.

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