Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite: The Effective Control Solution For Your Sacramento Home


June 10, 2023 - Bed Bugs

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bed bug on a sheet

Bed bugs have been around for centuries. And unfortunately, it looks like these tiny, bothersome bugs aren't going extinct any time soon. It can be difficult to get rid of bed bugs in your home, which can cause a lot of unwanted stress and anxiety to many homeowners. 

At Explorer Pest Management, we have been eradicating bed bugs for over two decades. Our Sacramento pest control specialist has perfected the art of bed bug elimination, and we know the steps that need to be taken in order to make your home bed bug-free once again.

Identifying Bed Bugs: Signs And Symptoms Of An Infestation

Bed bugs in Sacramento are small insects only about ¼ of an inch long. When unfed, they have flat bodies that are a mahogany color. But after they have had their fill of blood, their bodies will swell up to become slightly longer and rounder. They can be seen with the naked eye; however, many people overlook these bugs because of their small size. Some signs of bed bugs that you can look for around your home include:

  • Small, white bed bugs eggs

  • Discarded skin casings or eggshells

  • Rust-colored smear marks that are caused by bed bug fecal matter

  • Strong, sweet-smelling musty odor that doesn't go away on its own and continues to get worse with time

If you have bed bugs in your home, one of the first things you may notice is that you wake up every morning with a new set of bed bug bites. These bites will make small, red bumps on your skin and look similar to a mosquito bite. They can usually be found in a cluster or forming a straight line on your skin. They are also incredibly itchy. 

Bed Bug Problems: They Aren't Just Going To Go Away

Over the centuries, bed bugs have learned a thing or two about survival. These bugs are hardy and resilient. They are able to go for an extended period of time without eating and can withstand some harsh conditions. 

The females need to take a blood meal to reproduce. Once she has eaten, she can lay one to seven eggs a day for the next ten days. If you were to leave bed bugs alone, the problem would not just magically disappear. Bed bugs can survive and thrive for a while without humans being around. The only way to get rid of your bed bug infestation is to take immediate action. 

Professional Bed Bug Control: Call In The Experts Right Away

Do-It-Yourself bed bug control is not only ineffective, but it can often make the problem worse. Spraying store-bought products around bed bugs will only cause them to seek shelter in the deep and dark crevices of your home. While hiding, they will continue to reproduce, making your bed bug infestation more severe. 

Long-Term Bed Bug Prevention: Tips To  Prevent Reinfestation

Bed bugs are typically brought into homes by accident. Some of the things that you can do to help prevent a bed bug infestation in your home include:

  1. Wash and dry your clothes on the highest heat setting when returning from vacation

  2. Vacuum your luggage after staying overnight in a hotel

  3. Inspect your hotel room thoroughly before sleeping there

  4. Inspect any furniture or clothing that comes from a second-hand store

If you have tried everything, but are still struggling with a bed bug infestation, don't worry; help is on the way. At Explorer Pest Management, we can safely and quickly eliminate bed bugs from your home. And our long-term bed bug control services in Sacramento will ensure that these bothersome bugs never come back to your home again. best pest control in folsom logo