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Ant Control In Sacramento, CA

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Ants Have No Business Invading Your Sacramento Property

Sacramento property owners face some of the most serious ant problems in all of California. Thanks to our mild climate and ample food sources, dozens of ant species survive and thrive near our homes and businesses. Some are little more than nuisances and simply take up space or create unsightly mounds. However, others are exceedingly dangerous and lead to hazardous living environments for homeowners and families.

While ants are an important part of our local ecosystem, they don't belong inside our homes. As soon as you notice something out of the ordinary, get ahead of the curve by partnering with the ant control services in Sacramento provided by Explorer Pest Management.

Ants and their colonies don't stand a chance against Explorer Pest Management's effective ant control services. As leaders in the pest management business since 1997, we make short work of ant infestations with a powerful guarantee and design our services with your needs in mind. Just give us a call today to get started, and we'll get you a quote right away.

What To Expect From Our Ant Control Services In Sacramento

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An ant inspection service from Explorer Pest Management is not required to begin treatment. We understand your desire to get rid of pests fast and do everything we can to accommodate your needs. If you say you have ants, we believe you; we'll schedule a treatment service that makes the most sense for your needs.

Explorer Pest Management issues an ant control prep sheet to help home and business owners prepare for treatment. We can distribute this sheet before the date of your service and answer any questions you might have before visiting your home. For example, we may ask you to:

  • Remove all clothes and toys from floor areas. Proper removal helps our service technicians navigate the floors more effectively.
  • If ants are invading your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, remove all items and leave the doors open. We can quickly locate affected areas and apply treatments as necessary.
  • We require you to leave your residence for at least two hours so the product can dry. Please make accommodations so our treatments can work more effectively. 

With the preparatory work complete, it's time to begin your treatment process. Explorer Pest Management can use sprays or baits depending on the ant species in question and may choose to treat inside and outside the property to provide holistic protection. If you have a large ant population inside the home, we may treat the entire home instead of spot-treating specific areas; you won't have to worry about ants migrating from room to room.

Our outdoor treatments are uniquely designed to prevent new ants from getting inside. Once we determine the type of ants affecting your home, we can create a unique treatment roster designed to reduce and remove existing colonies. For example, carpenter ants require both spray and bait to remove from Sacramento properties, which is why we select some of the most effective treatments to get them out of your home. The same is true of pharaoh ants: we prefer to treat them with the highest caliber products to ensure your ants are completely removed.

We ask that you allow between 10 to 14 days for our products to do their jobs. However, we do offer a service warranty to ensure your peace of mind after treatments have taken place. Every one-time ant control service program comes with a 30-day ant control warranty. However, if you opt for our ongoing ant control program, your warranty will be continuous and guaranteed. Any reappearances within the warranty period will be covered by our technicians, which means we return to your property and provide additional services to ensure you're happy with your results.

Ready to learn more about ant control services from Explorer Pest Management? We're available to help. Simply get in touch with our highly experienced team to learn more about how we can serve your Sacramento property.

The Ant Control You Need, The Quality Results You Deserve

Great pest control in Sacramento doesn't have to be an uphill battle. With the seasoned experts at Explorer Pest Management by your side, you can easily manage the scope of any problem and get a handle on your building and yard. Our team of certified professionals has the advanced equipment and expertise necessary to identify, treat, and eliminate even the most serious ant species plaguing Sacramento – just ask one of our many happy customers.

Get rid of ants and their colonies from around your home or business with a reliable solution from Explorer Pest Management. Once you give us a call to discuss your comprehensive range of ant control options, we can give you a quote that suits your property's specific needs.

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